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We often talk about the mental side to functional training and there is no bigger mental challenge than BOX JUMPS.

Some of you would have frozen with dread just reading these words, so the thought of a ' 1 rep max box jump' could be enough to avoid class today!

So what is it with box jumps that makes us go weak at the knees?


Not believing you can inhibits your ability to even try, and you develop a mental wall.


1) Start with drills:

- Simple high jumps, squat jumps, and tuck jumps will help you with mind-body connection noticing how you move and what it feels like in motion.

2) Move onto a low level platform:

- Use a plate and introduce the principles of your jumping drills with a little bit of elevation.

3) Bring in the soft box:

- The fear comes from the thought of falling, and if you have ever fallen not a hard box I don't need to tell you what that feels like, if you haven't, I hope you never find out!

Using the soft box takes that edge off (literally) it knocks that metal wall down a notch and this is exactly what we are after. So bring in the soft and start to build up using them.

4) Build up slowly:

- Add an 1/2 an inch to an inch at a time.

Although we are heading for a 1 jump max, it is important as you build your height to feel comfortable and confident before moving on so get 2-3 completed jumps at a height you are comfortable with before adding to your stack.

5) Believe you can and you will:

- You have mastered your technique, you have slowly elevated your jump and got to a height you know you can step up to and fly up to without a second thought.. so now take that mentality when you step to the next level. Have someone by your side to will you on and catch you if you fall.

If you stall, walk away, take yourself back to your confident height and go again when you are ready.

Once you crack that next inch you knock down another piece of that mental wall. It might take time but as long as you move safely the only way is UP!

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