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We are excited to announce that as of today we are now known as...FWD/Fitness.


Our mission is still the same, 'building bodies fit for life' providing functional fitness to everyone. We train our athletes to move through life STRONGER, HEALTHIER, WITHOUT PAIN. Everything we do is to make us better tomorrow than we were yesterday, it is all about looking forward, having a direction and knowing our intention.

BUT THERE IS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT; We are exactly the same gym as we were yesterday, the same coaches, the same energy, the same passion, the same teachings, the same classes and we will be continuing our programming with NCFIT.

It is just the name that has changed.


Instagram: If you are following us on instagram you do not need to do anything except tag @fwdfit.Armonk from now on in your posts. (And do keep tagging, we love to see what you are doing in the gym!) #FWDFit #FWDFitArmonk

#Facebook: We have set up a new Facebook page, mainly due to complications with admin so it seemed a good time to create a new page, please follow us HERE

Merch: New merch, tees and hoodies with the new gym logo will be available in the new year. Info will ne sent out to you via email and on our social channels of what and how to order.

In Gym: New signage will also go up in and around the gym in the new year. Please bear with us for the time being as the NCFIT Armonk signage will remain until then.

#keepmovingforward #newname #fwdfitness #fwdfitnessarmonk #buildingbodiesfitforlife #fwdtogether

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