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Metcon class is cruising right along. Still taking a break from a rigid strength program like we are seeing in the NCX classes at the moment, but you can still expect to see an increased focus and emphasis on Overhead Squatting, including Skill + Strength development that will also see itself play out in Snatching more often. This will also include the addition of both an Olympic lifting session and/or complex as well as a powerlifting day (Press/Squat/Deadlift) each week.

For the WOW it’s obviously got to be “Chad”: You've been working so hard for weeks to prepare for this. A special THANK YOU to Kristen for making everyone's lives easier with her kind gift of the counters.

HERO WORKOUT "CHAD" FOR TIME 1000 Box Step-Ups (20)* *45/35 added in weight - ruck, plate, vest, or DB **750/500/250/100 reps are all options for completion (Score is Time)

Brutal Hero workout to honor specifically Chad Wilkinson and also Veteran’s Day and all those who lost their lives on and off the battlefield.

It is very important to note that not everyone has to (or should) perform 1000 box step ups with a pack. That’s why we’re offering the workout options of 750/500/250 or even 100 reps so the workout can be tailored to anyone’s ability and/or preparation level.

Let's get after it.

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