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Final week leading up to the CrossFit Open!

Did y’all register yet?

All of our normally scheduled Metcon classes will be performing the Open workouts regardless, so if you want to have some extra fun, why not sign up!?

Beautiful week of programming ahead. Important things to note: we’ll be taking a deload for our Overhead Squat strength cycle, week 7 of 8. Just means we’ll take a bit of weight off the bar, really dial in that technique, before attempting our 3-rep test the following week.

For the workouts we’ll definitely be touching on some thrusters, toes to bar, double unders and box jumps - movements nearly certain to show up.

I’m predicting we’ll see some a new movement show up, a single dumbbell overhead squat, anyone have other guesses? But for the WOW, you’ve got to check out Thursday’s Benchmark “Skull Island”

3 Deadlift (315/205)
3 Ring Muscle-Ups
5 DB Hang Squat Cleans (50/35)
5 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
(Score is Time)

This workout is a MONSTER - literally. It’s a riff off a classic CrossFit benchmark called King Kong. Scaling is crucially important in every workout, but especially in this one. Heavy hitters are balanced out with some tough high skill gymnastics, and gymnastic lovers are balanced out with heavy deadlifts. Find a challenging load you can lift safely and a challenging gymnastic movement that doesn’t redline you - and don’t forget to move with purpose. Move Well.


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