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METCON’ers, y’all better get pumped for this coming week - we’ve really found our groove!

Let's get to the nitty gritty: week #6 of 8 for our Olympic strength cycle, plus some successory work and TWO benchmarks.

We’ll be getting after some Snatch Pulls + Power Snatches, Squat Clean & Jerks, plus some heavy back squats. Let’s dial in that positional strength and straight bar path in the snatches, and speed under the bar for those squat clean & jerks!

This] week will bring a very heavy emphasis on gymnastics as well, with almost every day having a higher skill gymnastic movement - so be ready.

Out of the two benchmark workouts that athletes can look forward to (or dread), I’d like to highlight the new benchmark coming this Friday named "Salt-N-Pepa”

100 Burpees to Target*
*Target is 6 inches above standing reach.

Every minute on the minute, beginning at 0:00, perform 3 Jerks (165/115)

(Score is Time)

…do you get it? Does the name make sense? Push it, push it real good! Absolute shoulder burner in store because of a redundant, double push movement.

I absolutely love workouts like these for a couple reasons.

One main reason is that newer athletes will have that “lightbulb moment” of realization with the “speed under the bar” cue. The double push will massively fatigue the shoulders and triceps, so athletes will almost have to default to moving his/her body underneath a barbell, versus driving a barbell up.

The other reason I love workouts like these is just that I’m just a sucker for a couplet and massive arm pump - no surprise there 😉

Lets get after it.


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