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METCON: Spooky season! Spooky workouts that instill fear! Just kidding… kinda. Athletes are gong to be primarily focused on their gymnastic skills and capacity next week. Look forward to strict toes to bar work, ring muscle ups, chest to bar pull-ups and rope climbs! For the our workouts, I’d like to highlight Saturdays optional partner workout.

Why? Well for one its a great workout, but its also a nice change of pace if you’re feeling a bit stagnant or need an extra push, plus the camaraderie and teamwork adds a fun element.

PARTNER WORKOUT OPTION IN TEAMS OF 2... FOR TIME 100-80-60-40-20 Wall Balls (20/14)|(14/10)* Double Unders Immediately Into... 1 Mile Partner Wall Ball Run **The Wall Ball must never touch the ground. Partner 1 Works while P2 rests or Holds the Ball. For each time the Ball touches the ground, the team will add an additional Round of 20 Reps to the end of the Workout after the Mile is complete. (Score is Time)

Leg, shoulder and lung burner for sure! I’d love to see partners have some smooth transitions with the wall ball, and see what they’ve got left in the tank to push the pace on the run with heavy legs!

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