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METCON: I really like where Metcon is right now. You are getting solid touches at heavy barbell work, olympic barbell cycling, and a boatload of gymnastics.

Next week's strength focus (not a cycle) will include a 1 rep max in the snatch and some overhead squat work.

Coach Alex's WOW? 'This is no doubt going to be my personal nemesis workout, DEATH ROW'

EMOM x 20 MINUTES* MIN 1 -- 20/15 Cal Row MIN 2 -- 15 Burpees *Scale as needed to accomplish the work in each minute in :50-:45 or less. (Score is Number of Rounds Completed)

The last time this was tested was August 10th - and we’ve had lots and lots of experience with rowing in multiple facets - long distance, short sprints, and everywhere in between. Those of you who have completed this workout in the past should look to add 1-2 calories to their row, or maybe add 1-2 burpees! Buckle up - it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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