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METCON: Rolling into the holiday week with some excitement. Loads of some solid fitnessing coming up. We’ll see a nice retest of Rannie coming on Monday, some more overhead and snatch work coming Tuesday, plus some tempo strength work on our squats. For the WOW, look no further than the tried and true favorite - 12 Days of NCFIT coming Christmas Eve!

FOR TIME* Day 1 - 100m Run Day 2 - Power Clean (185/125) Day 3 - Burpees to a Plate Day 4 - DB Push Press (50/35) Day 5 - Toes to Bar Day 6 - Hand Release Push-ups Day 7 - Plate Ground to OH (45/35) Day 8 - Wall Balls (20/14) Day 9 - Deadlifts (185/125) Day 10 - Walking Lunges Day 11 - DB Thruster Day 12 - Bar Muscle-Ups

This workout flows just like the 12 Days of Christmas Song. You perform Day 1, then Day 2, 1, then 3, 2, 1, then 4, 3, 2, 1, etc. On paper this workout doesn’t seem too bad! But his workout lulls you into thinking you’re flying through it, but the fatigue and sheer volume catches up to you quick. Settle in for a longggg 35 minute workout. Earning those cookies and eggnog for sure!

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