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Epic week of fitness in store for us this week, so let us break it down for you!

For the strength piece, we’ll be putting some emphasis on gymnastics and Olympic lifting - be ready for a power snatch + overhead squat complex, strict and kipping ring muscle-ups, as well as some handstand and deficit handstand pushups.

As always with the higher skill gymnastic work, we’ll find a suitable movement that will be just as challenging to match any ability level.

This is a special week of workouts. We’ve just kicked off the 'dog days of summer', so to keep things interesting we’re starting the mid-year mini competition which you may remember from last year?

Each Friday for the next 3 weeks we’ll be getting after a tough 'Open' style workout, so bring that competition mindset and leave it all on the gym floor.

This weeks WOW is MYMC 22.1:

22 Wall Ball (14/10)
22 Pullups
22/16 Cal Bike
(Score is Rounds + Reps)

Full body workout that’ll tax the legs, lungs and shoulders for sure.

The 22 reps on the Wall balls will have you questioning not “if” you can keep them unbroken, but “should” you? An 18 minute AMRAP is long enough that you’ve got to be smart with your pacing and how you break everything up. This one will definitely reward the strategists, so be smart and get after it!


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