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July is upon us already, we hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July Weekend!

Big week of programming ahead, let’s get to it...

METCON is getting serious, we've just finished our 9-week Wendler strength cycle with so many of you making huge gains in your bench press, squat, and deadlift - We loved seeing everyone get psyched for some new PR’s, but more so, getting so excited for each others lifts.

The camaraderie was infectious, that’s what the community is all about!

For the Strength this week be ready for a heavy 5-rep push jerk, some power clean complexes as well as some gymnastic strength complexes on the pull-up bar. This will be one of our main focuses for July.

For the workouts this week we are touching all bases; we’re going 'long and grindy', 'short and sprinty' and everywhere in between.

But the Workout of the Week is most certainly Helena coming this Saturday:

800m Run
32 KB Swings (70/53)
10 Bar Muscle-Ups

(Score is Time)

BMU Option 1: Jumping BMU
BMU Option 2: Chest to Bar Pull-Up

Cardio, weightlifting and gymnastics - classic triplet of movements.

Long, sweaty, grind that will get quite grippy towards the end!

Enjoy the long run to give those lats and forearms a break, but the name of the game for this one is smooth and steady! Find a manageable pace and stick to it.

Try to keep this one under 26 minutes if you can.


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