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It's another great week at NCFIT Armonk this week, yes, we always say this - but this coming week is a particularly good one and Coach Alex is particularly excited!...

'As a general fan of CrossFit workouts, I look at this upcoming week and just grin - It's just an all around banger of a week'.

Strength - The Metcon focus for the week is going to be centered on strict gymnastic work, ie: strict handstand pushups, handstand holds. If gymnastics isn't your thing, don't let this put you off - we have protocols and progressions that will not only be a doable option but will also help you improve these movements.

Workouts -We’ll be incorporating that strict work into more dynamic movements utilizing everything bar the kitchen sink!

  • Bar muscle ups

  • Double unders

  • Toes to bar

  • Chest to bar pull-ups

  • Burpees (technically a gymnastic movement).

Coach Alex's WOW? 'It's definitely a BIG week of gymnastics. For the WOW, I’m going to flip the script and go for Saturday’s Benchmark workout Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (WTF - yep, you'll see why!)

FOR TIME* • Run 2 Miles • 60 Back Squats (Bodyweight) • 60 KB Swing (53/35)|(35/26) • 60 Hand Release Push-ups *Athletes can break up the work in any rep scheme and complete the work in any order. Score is time. -40:00 Hard Cap-

This BEAST of a workout that plays to have a favorable strength to weight ratio, plus a great mindset. Break the reps up any way you choose, but no matter what - STAY MOVING'!

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