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The Metcon program is headed in a really great direction right now.

We are still going a few more weeks without strict strength work, which is beneficial and an enjoyable break occasionally.

Instead, you can look forward to dedicated skill work in your gymnastics. Specifically practice in handstand walking and holds, tempo pistol squats, and more bar muscle ups.

Coach Alex's WOW?: NCFIT is making this a hard decision to pick one here too, but going to go with Friday’s workout as well, it's a fun reboot of a classic CrossFit Hero workout, “DT''.

NCFIT BENCHMARK WORKOUT "D.T. DEJA VU" 5 ROUNDS FOR TIME 12 DB Deadlifts (50/35)|(35/20) 9 DB Hang Power Cleans 6 DB Shoulder to OH -Rest 1:00- 5 ROUNDS 6 DB Shoulder to OH 9 DB Hang Power Cleans 12 DB Deadlifts (Score is Time)

Swap the traditional barbell in DT for a pair of Dumbbells, keep the rep scheme the same, but this time you’ll be doing double the rounds, and in reverse order the second time around. GRIP CITY!'

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