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FWD.Fit fam! We're gonna be closing out the last week of September S T R O N G - literally!

Athletes will be getting after 4 different strength pieces, still woking on that 9-week cycle:

For the front squat, athletes will be going for 3 working sets of 6, 6, and 4, building to a heavy set of 4.

For the clean and snatch complexes, athletes will be performing 4 sets of 2 pausing clean/snatch deadlifts + 1 clean/snatch pull.

The 'pausing deadlifts' will have three pauses, the first 2" off the floor, the 2nd below the knee, and the 3rd above the knee - this movement will focus on positional strength and explosiveness.

The last strength piece continues with the pause with 'pausing split jerks' Pausing for 2 seconds in the dip position - again dialling in that positional strength and core bracing.

For the Workout of the Week - don't miss this Friday's Benchmark "Double Down"

22 Toes to Bar
11 Overhead Squats (165/115)
*Each time you break during a set of 22 T2B - perform 10 Jumping Air Squats to 6"" Target.
**Each time you break during a set of 11 OHS - perform 5 Up-Down Over Bar.
(Score is Time)

This workout will be spicy the whole way through. The Toes To Bar volume will make it hard to hold on and the stress of having the penalty of the Jumping Air Squats will make it more mentally challenging than usual.

Keep the barbell weight light enough to keep the OHS unbroken, for at least the first 2 rounds!


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