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Metcon program is following a very similar structure to last week as well.

Strength is still on the "back burner" for now, but you need not worry - those strength gains aren’t going anywhere soon. Big focus on heavy barbells and high level gymnastics.

Coach Alex's WOW?

'I gotta spotlight Wednesday's workout for sure - strength and skill being put to the test. Heavy sumo’s, box jumps, and handstand pushups.
Four 5 minute AMRAPs separated with a 2 minute rest in between. Reps on the sumo deadlifts decrease each AMRAP, however the weight increases.
Stay steady and buckle in for a long ride!'

WORKOUT 4 SETS AMRAP x 5 MINUTES 15 Box Jumps (24/20) 20 Sumo Deadlifts (185/135)|(135/95)*

10 Handstand Push-Ups -Rest 2:00 b/t Sets- *The Sumo Deadlift reps decrease by 5 each Set. Set 1: 20 reps / Set 2: 15 reps / Set 3: 10 reps / Set 4: 5 reps.

Start each AMRAP from the top. BB1: (185/135)|(135/95)

BB2: (225/155)|(155/105)

BB3: (255/175)|(175/115)

BB4: (275/185)|(185/135)

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