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We’re nearing the end of our ‘deload month’ for the NCX program. which centered around strict gymnastics and strength movements they’d see in the next strength cycle, without worrying about loading or where they were in the cycle.

Moving forward in April we’ll start a new strength cycle working on our Deadlift, Bench Press, Front Squat and Push Jerk, and we’ll be hitting tempo lifts in all lifts, except the Push Jerk.

Circling back to this coming week, we’ll be hitting some tempo lifts to get a little ‘feeler’ for the time under tension with the tempo lifts they’ll be seeing in the future. For the workouts, NCX is going to start to shake things up a bit, going for a bit longer time domains workouts and intervals that’ll help athletes develop a better understanding of how to pace appropriately for their skill level.

For the WOW check out Friday’s appropriately named benchmark: GRINDHOUSE

25 Alt. DB Up-Down Devil's Clean (50/35)
100/80 Cal Row
25 Alt. Up-Down DB Devil's Clean
100 Push-Ups
25 Alt. Up-Down DB Devil's Clean
100 Sit-Ups
25 Alt. Up-Down DB Devil's Clean

YOWZA that’s a lot of volume! See what I mean about pacing?!? Lots of hinging, core extension/flexion and push/pull. This is a mental grind as well as physical grind - athletes should try to find a sustainable pace they can maintain without long breaks - starting from 3,2,1, go! Expect this monster to take upwards of 25 minutes!


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