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NCX: Going into December BABY!! (Where has the year gone?!) It's a solid week ahead!

For our strength you are hitting week #4 of 6 for the final strength cycle of the year, Deadlift, Power clean and front squat. You’ve got 4 working sets with the repetitions 4, 4, 2, 2 - building to a heavy set of 2, which should be heavier than last week’s set of 2.

Workouts: are looking solid all around! Staying in that sweet spot of 13-18 minutes for most the week. For the WOW, say hello to THORASSIC PARK - NCFIT benchmark workout coming Friday 3rd December!

5 ROUNDS FOR TIME 7 Deadlifts (275/185) 15 Toes To Bar 60 Double Unders (Score is Time)

Great workout that’ll challenge the grip, core stabilization, and engine for sure! This one sneaks up on you fast so pacing will definitely be key!

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