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Just coming off of our retest week - we’ve seen lots of PR’s. Shoutout to Priscilla, Susan, Olga, and Buck - all seeing PR’s in their lifts! We ain’t gonna waste any time and get going right into the next cycle!

This coming week we’re going to start a new 6 week strength cycle looking to test our 2 rep max in the Front Squat, Deadlift and Power Clean.

For next week, the WOW I’ve got to highlight is “Little Bear”

BENCHMARK WORKOUT "LITTLE BEAR" EVERY :30 x 15 MINUTES 2 Power Clean (185/135)|(135/95)

You + a barbell for 15 minutes. Don’t go anywhere, after you finish your 2nd clean, you’ll only have about 15-20 seconds before the next 30 second interval comes around! Dig in! This is a repeat workout, last tested on June 22nd. Athletes should look to improve their weight lifted, or if they tried to Rx this workout, did they have to skip a round? You can’t improve what you don’t measure, that’s why we test and retest!

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