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THIS WEEK AT THE GYM: NCX is going to be taking a bit of a lighter week overall, in terms of loading and intensity.

Notice the word lighter, not zero!

We are in week #8 of 9 for the Strength cycle, and we’ll be taking a much needed deload week. Taking quite a bit of weight off the bar, dialling into technique, and letting our bodies recover, repair and rebuild.

Next week we’ll be getting after our 5-Rep maxes.

For the workouts, be ready to LIFT, SWEAT, and , MOVE - a lot.

We’ll be challenging our athletes with some static holds, overhead work and some NCFLEX vibes - so a great little taster for those of you how are yet to try out that program. Let's start to get those beach bodies ready!

For the WOW, look no further than Friday’s Benchmark “FIREFIST”

1-2-3-and so on...
Deadlifts (255/175)
2-4-6-and so on...
Toes to Bar
*After each full set complete 8 Burpees Over Bar.

Everyone’s favorite style of workout to hate - 'the ascending ladder'.

It's tough mentally knowing that the workout only gets harder and harder the further you progress through it. Knowing that, be sure to pick a moderate weight on that barbell that you can move for at least 8-10 reps unbroken when fresh.

This is a very Open-esque workout, which by the way - our NCX track does not program around the CrossFit Open, so for those who’d like to participate, you may have to perform the workout on you own, or hop in a METCON class!


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