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Going into the new year with a MAJOR strength cycle - 4 lifts, 9 weeks long, lots of gains to be had.

The week of the 3rd will be a 5-rep test for the Back Squat, Push Press, Deadlift and Power Clean - the lifts in this week will act as a baseline.

After the first week of testing, we’ll work through 6 weeks of wave loading, then a deload week, and finally a retest.

For the workouts, athletes can look forward to at least 3 AMRAPS per week at moderate lengths, really focusing on building the baseline engine. But for the WOW it’s gotta go to Tuesday’s NCFIT Benchmark punnily named “Thighnel Richie”

ON A 12:00 RUNNING CLOCK... 5 ROUNDS 10 Burpees to a Target* 20 Wall Balls (20/14)|(14/10) then... Max Cal Bike with remaining time *Ideally, 6" above standing reach.
(Score is Cals)

Quads quads quads! Gotta move it on this one, 12 minutes is not a long time to knock out all 5 rounds! Some athletes may have completed this workout back on April 9th, hopefully they can squeak out a few more calories this time - but a great overall test for newbies as well to start the year off right!

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