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There's a whole lotta fitness coming to the NCX track this week!

Let’s get after it!

For the Strength, our cycle is coming nearing its end, we are now at week 8 of 9 which means it's DELOAD TIME.

We’ve had a few deload weeks already, but just to recap: after a certain amount of time in a strength cycle we take one week to give our bodies and minds a break from heavy weight to repair and rebuild. Sometimes our training can outpace our recovery and the deload gives us some much needed R&R.

We will still be Bench Pressing, Deadlifting, and Front Squatting, but we’ll be taking a significant amount of weight off the bar.

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK, this is an absolute no brainer! Athletes in both NCX and METCON track will be doing the hero workout MURPH will be coming this Saturday!

For Time:
• 1 mile Run
• 100 Pull-ups
• 200 Push-ups
• 300 Squats
• 1 mile Run

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats in any order. If you've got a twenty pound vest or body armour, wear it.

This workout is an absolute monster! This tremendous amount of volume cannot be taken lightly. For anyone taking on this notoriously gruelling workout for the first time, fear not! There’s plenty of scaling options for any ability level!

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