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METCON: Great week ahead for the METCON athletes, lots of fun warmups, gymnastics and strength to boot.

Athletes can look forward to getting some direct focuses on strict toes to bar, handstand holds/walks and some bar muscle ups.

For the strength, we’ll be getting building to a heavy 3 rep thruster and also getting after week #2 of our Overhead Squat progression, hitting 4 working sets at 6, 6, 3, and 3 repetitions - going at a Moderate-Heavy weight.

For the WOW I’m gonna highlight Wednesdays WOD:

FOR TIME 400m Run Immediately Into... 18-15-12-9 Toes to Bar Shoulder to Overhead (115/75) (Score is Time)

Not a hero or benchmark workout, but a fantastic workout nonetheless! Opening with a 400M run to tax the legs and get the heart rate up, directly into a spicy couplet with a weight light enough to tempt everyone into going unbroken for all Shoulder to Overhead movements… is the juice worth the squeeze?!

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