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It's another stellar week of programming as we head into week 7/9 of our Olympic strength cycle.

Things are about to get heavyyy!

For our front squats, athletes will be getting after 3 working sets of 4, 2, 2 repetitions starting and finishing heavier than last week's sets of 4, 4, 2.

As we start getting into these heavier sets in the last few weeks, athletes will need to be smart with how they increase their weight to avoid any failed reps.

For the clean and snatch complexes, athletes will be hitting 2 snatches or 2 clean & Jerks every 1:30 for 10 sets.

For both of these complexes, athletes have the choice of either power or squat, whichever they have the most confidence in.

We are not having any specific practice on the jerks this week because of the full expression of the clean & jerk together. Let's stay focused and aim to get heavy before our de-load next week.

Now for the Workout of the Week!!

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1 Power Clean & Jerk (185/135)
2 Burpees Over Bar
3 Toes to Bar
(Score is Time)

This fan favorite last tested on June 4th this year is a short rep scheme, but a decent amount of volume with a moderately heavy clean and jerk weight.

Pick a challenging weight that you know you can hit every single time because those burpees and toes to bar will tax that midline quickly, making that barbell feel even heavier.

Try to beat your score from last time if you can.


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