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It's the final two months of the year so we are going to be diving into the culmination of all of our hard work with a very well rounded and strong final 8 weeks.

In the workout department of things, the goal is to clearly feel what the stimulus of our EFFORT workouts is 2x/week with "For Time" metcons in the 7:00-15:00 time frame, including broad ranges of skill and strength and speed within that time domain.

You can look forward to an increased focus and emphasis on Overhead Squatting, including Skill + Strength development that will see itself play out in Snatching. For the WOW look no further than the NCFIT Benchmark WOD Power Plus Amanda:

NCFIT BENCHMARK WORKOUT "POWER PLUS AMANDA" FOR TIME 11-9-7-5 Power Snatch (135/95)|(95/65)
Bar Muscle-Up -15:00 Hard Cap-

This is a fun twist on the classic “Amanda” workout, subbing out bar muscle ups instead of ring, and power snatches instead of squats. Two subtle tweaks completely change the dynamic of the workout. Expect to be breathing heavy and try to maintain your grip! Can anyone go sub 10:00?

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