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Updated: Sep 7, 2021

We may have a slightly shorter week, but what we lack in days, we are making up for in effort!

NCX: Woo retest week! Relatively short strength cycle, only 7 weeks, but this is the week to retest those 10 rep maxes in the strict press, front squat and deadlift.

You should (hopefully) be adequately prepared both mentally and physically to attack these 10 rep maxes after being exposed to some longer times under tension recently!

Good luck!

Coach Alex's WOW?

…'Tough to pick the WOW but I’m going with Wednesday’s sprint workout. Athletes in NCX have been getting after some long grindy workouts so it’ll be refreshing to put the pedal down on this one, all gas no brakes! One time through so come out hot and try to hang on!

FOR TIME 25 Deadlifts (155/105)|(115/75) 50/40 Cal Row 25 Deadlifts

(Score is Time)

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