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OK, you have the biggest week in store for you! The first week of November we will be retesting our 3 rep max in the Bench Press, Back Squat and Push Jerk... at long last! You’ve been putting in some hard work these last 8 weeks, let's get the PR bell ready.

Taking a sneak peek ahead into the 2nd week of November we’ll be jumping into another strength cycle - so no time to waste, this will be a shorter 6 week cycle, looking to test some 2 rep heavies for the Front Squat, Deadlift, and Power Clean, ending on December 16th.

For the WOW it’s clearly got to go to:

BENCHMARK WORKOUT "ROLLER COASTER" FOR TIME 1000m/750m Row 30 Thrusters (45/35)|(35/25)
30 Ring Rows 750m/500m Row 30 Thrusters 30 Jumping Pull-ups
500m/400m Row
30 Thrusters 30 Pull-ups (Score is Time)

Love to hate this workout! Very challenging ascending/descending type workout. The row decreases each time, the “pull” increases in difficulty, and the very lightweight thruster keeps the heart rate spiked!

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