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What’s goin on NCX’ers!

Cruising right along into week #3 of 9 for our current Strength Cycle, we’ll be continuing our work on tempo lifts.

It is crucially important to drop the ego and do our best to abide by the tempo and not cut the time short to lift more weight. With that said, this coming week the tempo’s are a bit quicker, so we should look to increase the weight a little.

Don’t forget the other main focus during this cycle is our work on the pull-up bar, where we’ll be getting after some fun complexes in both strict pulling and gymnastic kipping mechanics.

For the WOW, look no further than Saturday’s grippy, grinding, and gruelling Benchmark GROUNDHOG'S DAY:

10 Toes to Bar
20 Russian KB Swings (70/53)
30/25 Cal Bike
20 Russian KB Swings
10 Toes to Bar
-Rest 2:00 b/t Sets-
(Score is Slowest Set)

A gnarly combination of core flexion/extension that’ll have everybody sweaty AF.

2:00 rest per round will allow athletes to push the pace a bit harder than most would like, but any time 'rest' is programmed into a workout, you always want to earn it.

Also, check the scoring - SLOWEST set - which means we’re also trying to prioritize learning how to pace appropriately versus coming out hot and then crashing and burning.


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