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As we look forward to the announcement of 22.1 later today, we invite you to think about your WHY, your MOTIVATION & your ACCOMPLISHMENTS over the past year (or months of you are new to functional training).

We often talk about this and it’s important to check in with ourselves regularly to keep present, to keep excited and to stay training with enjoyment and purpose.

We can get caught up with the routine of training because ‘we have to’ and because it’s what you do at a certain time on a certain day. But we want you to look forward to your next training session, to approach every WOD with passion and enthusiasm (yea even when there are 100 wall balls involved!)

The @crossfit Open is a great opportunity to step back, look forward and welcome that element of excitement - whether you are signed up and competing or not. Remind yourself of why you chose this sport, marvel at what your body can do physically and what an amazing machine your mind is.

Don’t just exercise for the exercise, do it with intent, and keep that in mind. Don’t judge yourself or compare yourself to others, instead applaud yourself, applaud others and realise the changes and developments you have undergone are what are driving to forward to achieve even more.


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